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Benefits of Listing Your Company and Advertising With FarmNet Services Agricultural Equipment and Services Directory

Possibly the most important reason why companies need to have an active internet presence is because of the transformation that has occurred in how customers seek information. While customers still visit stores, talk to sales representatives, look through magazines, and talk to friends to gather product information, an ever-increasing number of customers turn to the internet as their primary knowledge source for farming equipment. In particular, they use search engines as their principal portal of knowledge as search sites have become the leading destination sites for most internet users. Marketers must recognize that the Internet is where customers are heading and, if  the marketer wants to stay visible and viable, they must follow. The USDA reports that over 45% of agriculture producers use the Internet to help  them make purchasing decisions and the larger the producer the more likely he is to use the Internet.

The Internet is not only becoming the resource of choice for finding information, in the next few years it is also likely to be the expected location where customers can learn about products and make purchases.

The most efficient way for marketers to spend money is to direct spending to those most likely to  be interested in what the marketer is offering. A listing in FarmNet Services Agriculture Equipment and Services Directory meets this criteria. The overwhelming majority of our directory users are agricultural related people searching for product information.

Internet marketing is replacing more expensive methods for delivering product information, features of services offered along with an easy method for potential buyers quickly contact suppliers.

The internet is a communication channel that offers global accessibility to a company’s product and services offerings. Through a website, a local marketer can quickly  become a global marketer and, by doing so, expand their potential target market to many times it’s current size.

Direct Benefits Include:

  • Increased Visitors to your farm implement dealers Website
  • Higher Search Engine Rankings
  • Increased Customer Contacts via Telephone Calls, Emails, Website visits and   Local Dealer Contacts
  • Increased Overall Sales Activities