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Farm Equipment Buyers . . . Get All the Information You Need Before Buying

Buyers can find information on over 1100 farm equipment manufacturers that provide equipment and products to the farm industry. Search by company name or search by more than 1500 categories. Get website link, local dealers link, all contact information, and complete list of each manufacturer’s line of products.

Agriculture Business Services Directory

Farmers and agriculture related companies find all the information you need about agriculture related business services such as grain marketing, farm equipment financing, real estate services, agriculture recruitment and many others. Search by business name or by category.

Farm Equipment Companies - Promote Your Business With A Listing

Get found by Internet prospects searching for the farm equipment and farm related products such as tractor supply or other agricultural equipment parts and services that you sell. List your company under the specific categories in which your company deals.
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Promote Your Business With Ads

Reach more customers with your company ads targeted to specific product or services.
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Agriculture Grain Elevator Mailing Lists

Directories and mailing lists are available for 10 different segments of the agriculture industry. They include agriculture grain elevators, ethanol plants, farm equipment dealers and others.  See all our directories and purchasing info.

About Our Farm Equipment and Agriculture Business Directory

Farmers Finding The Right Information Fast
FarmNet Services Farm Equipment and Agriculture Business Directory is the # 1 Internet directory farmers use to locate manufacturers and local dealers that make and sell farm equipment and farm related products and services. Over 1100 farm equipment manufacturers and agriculture related services companies are listed under more than 1500 categories.  There is no other farm equipment and agriculture business directory that covers more agriculture related companies so thoroughly.

 Products and services range from high horse power tractors, hand held grain analyzers, grain bins and support services such as equipment loans, land financing crop insurance and farm loans.  When farmers and other individuals involved in the farming industry need information about farm equipment and agriculture business services, the quickest place to find it is FarmNet’s Farm Equipment and Agriculture Business Directory. 

Farm Equipment Manufacturers and Agriculture Business Companies Get Found On The Internet
Today, the Internet is the first place potential buyers go to when looking for information on products and services.  When buying farm equipment or agriculture related services farmers are relaying more and more on the Internet to save them time and give them the information they need to make informed buying decisions.  To see the latest farm equipment and locate the nearest dealer there is no substitute for the Internet.  Today there are more than 120 million website on the Internet getting found.

What A Listing On FarmNet’s Directory Includes

 All listings in our Farm Equipment and Agriculture Business Directory include the following:

  • A Comprehensive company description that includes important information about the company and the products and services they provide
  • Listings under the appropriate categories that the company selects from our over 1500 categories.
  • A link to your company website.
  • All telephone contact numbers including 800 numbers, local numbers, fax numbers and mobile numbers.
  • An email link to your company.
  • Complete mailing and physical addresses.
  • Product and photo information on company products.
  • A link to your ‘local dealer locator’.

All listings are for 1 year and listing information changes can be made at any time during this time at no charge.

What Types of Listings Are Available

There are 3 types of listings available in our directory.  They include the Premium, Advanced and Basic listing.  All 3 listing types allow companies buying a listing to include all the important information about their company and all their contact information.  The main differences in the listing types is the number of categories a company is listed under and the position the company listing appears on the category page.

Quarterly Reports On Internet Users Response To Your Listing

Each quarter a report is emailed to companies listing in our Farm Equipment and Agriculture Business Services Directory.  The report includes the number of times internet users viewed one or more of your company listing pages, the number of times a viewer linked to your company website from your listing, the number of times a viewer clicked onto your ‘company name’ or your ‘more info’  to get detailed information on your company and the products and services you provide.

Our Directory Covers Over 1100 Categories of Farm Equipment and Agriculture Business Services

Some of the types of farm equipment found in our directory include farm tractors, antique tractors, small tractors and other related categories such as lawn tractor, compact tractor, Kubota tractor and sub compact tractor. Other categories include combines, a combine header category and combine parts.  More categories include a fertilizer spreader, fertilizer tender and fertilizer blender categories.

Other Services FarmNet’s Directory Provides

Besides our farm equipment and agriculture business services directory our company provides a variety of information for both farmers and farm related businesses.  Some of these include:

  • Mailing lists and directories for grain elevators, agriculture salvage dealers, agriculture chemical dealers, agriculture fertilizer dealers, seed dealers, certified seed dealers, implement dealers and county extension agents.
  • Grain Bin Bushel Calculator - Working with the FSA, we have developed this valuable easy-to-use tool that automatically calculates the number of bushels in grain bins.  It works with both round and rectangle bins and 11 different types of commodities.  It will measure bushels in smaller farm size bins or very large farm grain  bins.
  • LDP Rates

What Types of Categories Are Available

There are over 1500 categories and subcategories available to list your company under.  These categories are related to several areas of the agriculture industry.  The first and largest is the farm equipment area, which includes farm implements such as tractors, cultivators, rock pickers, hay balers etc.  The second is related to farm equipment such as conveyors, grain bins, combine attachments, grain analyzers etc.  The third area includes such categories as soft ware products, equipment financing, agriculture recruitment services etc. The number of our categories increase constantly as new companies sign up to be listed and request categories that we do not currently have.  If you don’t see a category that relates to your company we will likely add it to our list.

How Do Most of Our Directory Users Find Us

Approximately 80% of viewers to our Farm Equipment and Agriculture Business Directory come through Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.  Most of these searches are directly related to one or more of the over 1500 categories in our directory.  The vast majority of Internet users that access our directory through these searches will land on the category page for the specific product or service they were searching.  This category page shows all the companies that are listed in the directory that are listed under this specific category.  The viewer can then browse the companies listed seeing all the pertinent information about the company and its line up of products and/or services and link to their websites or call them directly.

The remaining viewers, about 20%, to our website are returning viewers.  These are Internet users that have previously visited our directory and have likely marked it as a ‘favorite’ and are retuning to get information on companies listed in the directory.

About FarmNet Services, Inc.

FarmNet Services, Inc. has been supplying information to the agriculture industry since 1999.  The company is located in North Dakota, one of the leading agriculture states.  The company’s primary focus is providing information to farmers and other agriculture entities worldwide.  Its Farm Equipment and Agriculture Business Directory is the Internet’s #1 directory of its type profiling over 1100 agriculture related companies and providing information on products and services listing under more than 1500 categories.  Nine other agriculture directories are also made available and most can be purchase as mailing lists.  Our directories include;

  • Agriculture Grain Elevators
  • Agriculture Salvage Dealers
  • Agriculture Chemical Dealers
  • Agriculture Fertilizer Dealers
  • Agriculture Seed Dealers
  • Agriculture Certified Seed Dealers
  • Agriculture Implement Dealers
  • Agriculture Parts and Equipment Dealers
  • County Extension Agents

Purdue University Surveys Show Internet Usage By Farmers Has Grown Rapidly
(Below is an article from regarding the growth Internet usage by US farmers.  This article is based on a survey done by Purdue University)

More than 80 percent of the largest farm operators use the Internet in their operations. Those numbers speak volumes when broken out in demographic segments based on age, operation type, etc., and help illustrate how these producers use the Internet as a business tool.

More than 2,300 producers responded to the Purdue University ‘s “Top Producer 2003 Producer Survey”.  Overall, 72 percent of the typical commercial producers (more than $500,000 in annual farm sales) in the survey reported using the Internet in their farm business, up 20 percent from 1998.  While mid-size producers ($100,000-$500,000 annual farm sales) increased their use of the Internet as well, clearly the larger the farm business, the more likely they are to be using the Internet in their operation.  Sixty-five percent of the mid-size operations reported using the Internet, while 84 per cent of the largest farms in the survey put the Internet to work.

As might be expected, Internet use is strongly related to age of the operator.  More than 80 percent of the commercial producers under the age of 45 are online.  However, more than half of the producers over 65 report using the Internet in their farm businesses.  Making the assumption that this is purely a young person’s tool is simply a mistake!

Seventy-seven percent of the respondents indicated that they are spending more time uating new technology for their farm businesses than they did five years ago.  And, 62 percent indicated that purchasing inputs and equipment to use on the farm is becoming a more time-consuming activity.  Given such attitudes, it is not surprising to find that the most important uses for the Internet are collecting product and technical information and locating dealers and products.  Using the Internet in these ways, producers are looking for broader and more convenient sources of information and also to simplify the purchase process.

Many associate the Internet with deals and better prices, and commercial producers do use the Internet to collect price data on inputs for comparative purposes. After collecting product and price information, an Internet savvy producer is likely to be a well-informed producer. And, personal sales strategies must reflect this new reality. Adding to this effect is the fact that when the survey results were categorized by intensity of Internet use - non-users, moderate Internet users, and heavy Internet users -heavy users rate all sources of information (dealers, publications, meetings, etc.) as more important. If your customers are online, they are information-hungry individuals!

They're hungry for information ... feed 'em! Feed farmers meaty information about products and services.  Targeted, timely information communicated clearly, thoroughly, and in an easily navigable format will be the first and best used. Weblication of your products and services is an opportunity to connect with these information-hungry customers and prospects. When you have their attention, use it. Stand out with the best access to good, quality information. Further, identify opportunities to follow through on the connections made. As more farmers use the Internet as a business tool in their operations, make it a tool for your organization to successfully connect with this important customer group.